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Why study at the ULE?

There are at least ten reasons to choose León as an academic destination, although we are sure that you will find many more.

  1. The best spoken language - In the Leon area, a very pure Spanish is spoken, with a quite neutral accent. On the streets of León, you will hear people speak proper Spanish.
  2. The best preserved art - Here you will find artistic jewels of all times. From remains of the Roman era, to award-winning architecture of the 21st century, without forgetting the famous and legendary Camino de Santiago.
  3. Diversity of nationalities - We want you to integrate into our society while enjoying the international environment that the ULE offers you.
  4. The Godfather program - Let yourself be guided by your sponsor. It will be your best counselor.
  5. Economic destination - Living in León is cheap. A room in a shared apartment costs between € 150 and € 250 a month, you can walk or bike to all sites and leisure is affordable.
  6. Nature and adventure - Enjoy practicing skiing, hiking, climbing and many other adventure activities that the province offers you.
  7. Universidad solidaria - Collaborate with our development cooperation service participating in solidarity projects
  8. Committed to the environment - The green office promotes sustainability and healthy habits: free use of bicycles, cooking workshops, recycling ...
  9. Accessible university - All buildings are adapted for people with disabilities. There is a support unit to inform and facilitate the day to day to those who have these needs.
  10. The authentic Spain. - In León, the magna leonesa charter, the first in Europe, was approved and the first university was created.

What can you study in the ULE?

In our university you can study what you want. Use our catalog of studies and the search engine of subjects If you only want to study Spanish as a foreign language, all the information you need can be found in the Language Center.

You have a list of academic coordinators with your contacts for the academic guidance you need.

It is possible to take subjects entirely in English. They can also be combined with subjects in Spanish.

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Join the ULE

Do you want to make credits to recognize them at your university?

  • If you move "by free" you must enter the visiting student program.
  • If you belong to a university with an agreement (Erasmus, Amicus, etc.) fill in our Online Application Form.

Application deadline: June 15 for 1st. Semester or full academic year December 1 for the 2nd semester stay.

When we start?

All our studies are structured in two semesters per academic year, less the Language Center that does it in quarters.

Programs taught in:
  • Spanish

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