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22 LLM Programs in Law Studies Economic Law Studies Tax Law 2024



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LLM Programs in Law Studies Economic Law Studies Tax Law

The LLM in Tax Law is awarded to those who complete a rigorous academic program in the laws and regulations surrounding taxation. As tax law plays an important role in both business and individual financial planning, this degree is considered extremely valuable.

Many prospective students begin with the question, what is an LLM in Tax Law? This is a graduate legal degree that provides students with a detailed knowledge of the field of tax law. Among the areas of study commonly included in the curriculum for an LLM in Tax Law are estate planning, international taxation, and state and local taxation. Some LLM programs offer certificates in areas of study to demonstrate that a student has gained a particular expertise in that focus.

The benefits of obtaining an LLM in Tax Law are numerous, as taxation is a field that is integral to many other fields of law. Graduates leave these programs as experts in a high-demand field, and as such they are able to establish themselves as valuable contributors in a variety of job settings.

The cost of an LLM in Tax Law will depend on the institution, country and expected time for completion. Program candidates should be sure to contact specific institutions to determine how much the degree will cost to complete.

Expertise in tax law has always been valued because taxation is an important aspect of a number of legal fields, including estate planning, business associations and securities law. Because of this, those who hold an LLM in Tax Law have a number of employment opportunities available to them. They may choose to enter into private practice, they may find employment with government entities, or they may opt to take positions as in-house counsel for large corporations.

Educational institutions around the world offer the LLM in Tax Law, and it is easy to apply online. Begin your search by taking a look at the program listing, and get yourself started toward an exciting and challenging new career path. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.