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Lyon Catholic University (UCLy IDHL) Master 2 - Freedoms law - International and regional human rights law
Lyon Catholic University (UCLy IDHL)

Master 2 - Freedoms law - International and regional human rights law

Lyon, France

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 2,190 / per year



The Master 2 Law of Freedoms - Practices of international and regional human rights law is a training program agreed with the Faculty of Law of the University of Grenoble-Alpes.

This training emphasizes the professionalizing aspect in the field of Human Rights.

  • 110 partner establishments
  • 1 study trip
  • 1 dynamic BDE


This is to allow students to understand the major issues of Human Rights and this from a perspective of transversality and transdisciplinarity.

To deepen legal knowledge but also to learn from a general and multicultural culture.

The training prepares students for the development of their professional project, supervised by IDHL teachers and thanks to the intervention of national and international experts as well as specific modules (weekly conferences on professional project news, English applied, etc.) and an internship.

Thanks to a methodological teaching, the students will be able to analyze a legal question according to a rigorous method and in the respect of the academic standards a dissertation will be prepared by the students on an original subject.


More than 100 partner establishments where IDHL students carry out internships.

This training is based on research pole n ° 6 Legal, political and social sciences.


Recruitment level: Bac + 4

Required training

  • Students holding a State Master 1 in law, French or foreign recognized in France;
  • Students holding a 2nd cycle University Diploma (Bac +4) from IDHL with an excellent university record.


2019-2020: 37 students

Cost of training

The cost of the training is between € 2,190 and € 7,300


Program Tuition Fee

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