The United Arab Emirates is a country located in the southeastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is close to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. The country has a diverse cultural makeup, including one that is divided by various emirates, or principalities, all of which are quite different ethically. Known as one of the richest parts of the world due to the oil reserves present there, this area is growing in terms of legal needs. For those who wish to study and learn the legal system here, there are often key job openings available.

What Is the Law System in the United Arab Emirates?

The legal system in the United Arab Emirates is one that is based on the Constitution of the country. There are components in this constitution for most needs, including freedom of communication, religion, movement, and opinion. The constitution is upheld by the country's Federal Supreme Court. There are Sharia courts and civil courts present here. These laws regulate marriage, divorce, and child custody and all vary from one area to the next.

Universities in United Arab Emirates