LLM in Business Law


Program Description


The LL.M in Business Law of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at Saint-Joseph University is a one-year postgraduate degree (with a possibility to extend the program over 2 years in some instances). It aims at providing a solid academic background to students and legal professionals, fluent in both French and English, who specialize in the field of business law and wish to enhance their skills and career in law firms, banks or major companies in the Arab countries and abroad.

The program is designed to familiarize the candidates with the rules and practices of business law in both domestic and international relations, and to adapt to various legal systems.

The program provides dynamic and comprehensive training for the practice of Business Law. The courses are in the form of interactive seminars, with a combination of theoretical contents and practical case studies. They also aim at providing the skills and techniques required when drafting and negotiating legal documents.

Conditions of Admission

The LL.M. is open to students who hold (i) a Law Degree or a diploma considered equivalent thereto (ii) a primary degree at University level in another subject with professional or other experience in law.

The candidates are selected on the basis of their university file and/or their professional experience as well as, where necessary, upon an interview with the selection board.

Fluency in both English and French is a must to all applicants.

All applications must be submitted to the Faculty of Law between July 15 and July 30 or, between September 1st and September 15.

For any information, please call : +9611 421 425/ 9611 421 423.


General structure

  • The program includes 4 fundamental courses and a six-week internship.
  • The LL.M. is structured on the European credit system. The courses totalize 50 credits. The remaining 10 credits are earned by writing the training report.
  • The courses covered the main areas of international business law. Students will benefit from small classes, close relations with the teaching staff and group camaraderie amongst the LL.M. students.

LLM Courses

Contracts Law (16 ECTS)


  • Master the process of contract negotiation and drafting.
  • Getting familiarized with the contracts’ structure used in business law.


  1. Contractual techniques
    1. Contract negotiation techniques
    2. Contract drafting techniques
  2. Financing projects and public-private partnerships (PPP)
  3. Fiduciary Contracts
  4. Oil and gas contracts
  5. Consumer contract
  6. Intellectual property Contract

Banking and financial markets (15 ECTS)


  • Understand the financial needs of companies and the methods used to fulfill these needs, while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Assess the legal risks of financial arrangements and transactions undertaken by companies.
  • Understand the principles of Islamic finance and the financial structures used in the GCC countries.


  1. Banking Law
    Corporate finance techniques
    *Syndicated loans
  2. Islamic Finance
    Principles of the Islamic Finance
    Contracts of the Islamic Finance
  3. Financial Markets Law
    *Introduction to the Financial markets Law
    *Financial markets contracts

Corporate Law (9 ECTS)


  • Familiarize candidates with key issues in corporate law, merger and acquisition transactions, and companies legal structuring through the use of holding and offshore companies.


  1. Mergers and acquisitions
  2. Shareholders agreements
  3. Holdings and offshore companies
  4. Corporate taxation
  5. Corporate criminal Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution (10 ECTS)


  • Advising and assisting in conflict resolution.
  • Optimizing the conflict resolution by choosing the appropriate procedure.


  1. Arbitration
  2. Conciliation
  3. Mediation
  4. Settlement

Training (10 ECTS)

Candidates must follow a six-week internship under the supervision of professionals and submit a training report.

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