LLB in Irish Law


Program Description

The LL.B degree is a three-year undergraduate course in the study of Irish law. The course is a Level 8 degree which is approved by the Honorable Society of the King’s Inns for those who wish to pursue further studies and a career as a barrister. It is also approved by the Law Society of Ireland for those who wish to pursue further studies and a career as a solicitor.

This law degree will be of interest to those who have a strong sense of justice, who possess a questioning mind and enjoy identifying and applying solutions to problems. The LL.B degree at Independent College Dublin benefits from the endorsement and strong support of the Bristol Law School at the University of the West of England, Bristol one of the leading law schools in the United Kingdom. The course is delivered by a team of enthusiastic and experienced teachers. Furthermore, the nature of class sizes encourages an interactive and discursive approach towards the study of law.

Course Content/Structure

The degree is delivered over three years on a full time and evening basis. Typically, students will be required to complete four modules each year over two 12 week teaching semesters.

Entry Requirements

The College also sets minimum entry requirements for all its degree programmes to ensure that students have the necessary academic strength to successfully complete the programme. The minimum entry requirements for all first degree programmes at the College are set out below:

Minimum Entry Requirements: To be admitted to the programme, students must have obtained 300 Leaving Certificate points. For further details on admission please contact the College’s Admissions Office.

Applicants with other qualifications or experience: We welcome applications from those who do not have the entry requirements outlined here. The University will consider applications on the basis of evidence of personal, professional and educational experience which indicate an applicant's ability to meet the demands of a degree. We like to give such applicants every opportunity to show that they have the motivation and ability to succeed in their chosen programme of study

Start Date

September 2015


Full Time: EU Students: €4,750 per annum ( Payment plan options available)


Each module is assessed by way of a three hour closed book examination at the end of the academic year i.e. May. Resit opportunities are available in August. The final examination accounts for typically 75% of the total marks. Typically, the remaining 25% of available marks is available for the successful completion of written coursework which is prepared throughout the academic year.

Career Opportunities

Many graduates of the LLB pursue careers as either solicitors or barristers. The degree is approved by the professional bodies of both.

Solicitor. Graduates of the LLB programme are qualified to sit the Final Examination – First Part (FE1). Graduates of the LLB will have completed modules in all eight entrance examinations: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Law of Torts, Land Law, Law of Equity & Trusts, Law of Contract, Company Law and EU Law.

Barrister. Graduates of the LLB are approved to sit the Entrance Examinations to the Barrister-at-Law degree programme at the Honorable Society of the King’s Inns. In order to be so accredited, graduates must complete the following core modules as part of the degree: Land Law, Company Law, Law of Equity & Trusts, EU Law, Jurisprudence and Administrative Law.

Graduates of the LL.B in Irish Law may also pursue training as a solicitor in England and Wales. Accredited law degree holders are entitled to apply and sit the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in the UK. Otherwise, students may have to take the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) prior to applying for entry to the LPC. Normally, graduates of the Irish LL.B will have to register and then apply for exemptions with the Law Society of England and Wales based on the individual modules completed as part of the LL.B in order to be eligible to sit the LPC.

While each application is assessed separately, past graduates of the Irish LL.B at Independent College Dublin have been granted exemptions in all but two subjects from the GDL – Administrative Law and English Land Law. Completion of these two GDL subjects may then entitle graduates to take the LPC. Any student interested in pursuing this route towards qualification should first consult with the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA).

Other Careers

A law degree provides a graduate with a unique set of transferable skills. In particular, graduates of the programme develop excellent skills of written and oral communication as well as skills of critical analysis and debate. Graduates of the programme have pursued careers in the banking industry, financial services, the civil service and so forth.

Last updated Jan 2018

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